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“Odyssey 2016“ Series, Photo Prints

Now - Odyssey Now

2016 Ltd. Edition 16+2

“Apes, Soldiers, Odyssey“, 100x70cm, 2018A_ Christian Roeck

“Apes, Soldiers, Odyssey“, 100x70cm, 2016

“Airplane, Apes, Odyssey“, 100x70cm, 2018 A_Christian Roeck

“Airplane, Apes, Odyssey“, 100x70cm, 2016

“Lions, Ufos, Odyssey“, 100x70cm, 2018 _Christian Roeck

“Lions, Ufos, Odyssey“, 100x70cm, 2016

"ApeSoldier-2001" 120x80cm, Photo Print_Christian Roeck

"ApeSoldier-2001" 120x80cm, Photo Print

"LionTanks-2001" 120x80cm, Photo Print_Christian Roeck

"LionTanks-2001" 120x80cm, Photo Print

"ApeSoldierUFO-2001" 120x80cm, Photo Print_Christian Roeck

"ApeSoldierUFO-2001" 120x80cm, Photo Print

“Micro Space Mimicry“, Photo Edition, 2015

2018 Ltd. Edition 16+2

2018: Another Odyssey

“Micro Space Galaxy 1“, 80x120cm_Christian Roeck

“Micro Space Galaxy 1“, 80x120cm, 2016

“Micro Space Galaxy Red“, 160x120cm, 2015_Christian Roeck

“Micro Space Galaxy Red“, 80x120cm, 2016

“Micro Space Galaxy 2“, 160x120cm, 2015_Christian Roeck

“Micro Space Galaxy 2“, 80x120cm, 2016

Videos HD

"Nobody", An Epic Industrial Odyssey, 2013 - 2017,
Locations: Los Angeles , Tirol (Austria)
"Flow Nr.6" (Leaves floating on water), 2011

“Nobody“, HD & Soundtrack, 9:11min., 2012 - 2017

“Flow“, HD, 4:00min., 2011

“Hallucination is Real“, Photo Edition

The Retina Project (since 1998)

These images are based on studies on the behaviour of afterimages on the retina. These afterimages are caused by very bright light, which causes an overreaction on the retina and remains visible for seconds or minutes.

Ausgangspunkt dieser Bilder sind Studien zum Verhalten von Nachbildern auf der Netzhaut. Diese Nachbilder entstehen durch sehr helles Licht, das auf der Netzhaut (Retina) eine Überreaktion hervorruft die sekunden- oder minutenlang sichtbar bleibt.

Photo Series “Hallucination is Real“ ….. 2016 Ltd. Edition 16+2

“Hallucination 1“, 120x90cm, Photo Print

“Hallucination 1“, 120x90cm, Photo Print

“Hallucination 2“, 120x90cm, Photo Print - Christian Roeck

“Hallucination 2“, 120x90cm, Photo Print

“Hallucination 3“, 120x90cm, Photo Print - Christian Roeck

“Hallucination 3“, 120x90cm, Photo Print

“Hallucination 4“, 120x90cm, Photo Print - Christian Roeck

“Hallucination 4“, 120x90cm

“Hallucination 5 RedPlus“, 120x90cm, Photo Print - Christian Roeck

“Hallucination 5 RedPlus“, 120x90cm

“Hallucination 6“, 120x90cm, Photo Print - Christian Roeck

“Hallucination 6 Plus“, 120x90cm

75th Annvrsry - LSD (Fictitious Commercials), HD Videos 2017

Fictitious advertising clips for the original preparation "Delysid LSD25" - perhaps the most interesting random discovery ever made by Western science. Lysergic acid diethylamide is not an illegal drug in the actual sense, rather comparable to "shamanistic" plants and fungi. LSD is cult and part of the so-called western culture in the 20th century, not only of pop culture (... for healthy adults a key to the mostly inaccessible sphere of consciousness ;-).

Fiktive Werbeclips für das Originalpräparat "Delysid LSD25" - die vielleicht interessanteste zufällige Entdeckung, die der westlichen Wissenschaft je gelungen ist. Lysergsäurediethylamid ist keine illegale Droge im eigentlichen Sinn, eher vergleichbar mit "schamanistischen" Pflanzen und Pilzen. LSD ist Kult und Teil der sogenannten westlichen Kultur im 20.Jahrhundert, nicht nur der Popkultur (… für gesunde Erwachsene ein Schlüssel zum meist unzugänglichen Bereich des Bewusstseins ;-).

Albert Hofmann (Swiss scientist - discovered LSD in 1943): “Of greatest significance to me has been the insight that I attained as a fundamental understanding from all of my LSD experiments: what one commonly takes as ‘the reality,’ including the reality of one’s own individual person, by no means signifies something fixed, but rather something that is ambiguous—that there is not only one, but that there are many realities, each comprising also a different consciousness of the ego."

Steve Jobs: “Taking LSD was a profound experience, one of the most important things in my life. LSD shows you that there’s another side to the coin, and you can’t remember it when it wears off, but you know it."

Fictitious Commercial Nr.1, HD, 2017

Fictitious Commercial Nr.2, HD, 2017


"The Retina Project" (since 1998)

About: Afterimages on the retina and their significance for perception in daily life, in meditation and in conscious vision.

Inhalt: Nachbilder auf der Netzhaut und ihre Bedeutung für die Wahrnehmung im täglichen Leben, in der Meditation und beim bewussten Sehen.

“Night Flight 3".R-LSD_Christian Roeck

“Night Flight 3", 100x70cm, 2008

“Night Flight 7".R-LSD_Christian Roeck

“Night Flight 7", 120x70cm, 2008

“Night Flight 9".R-LSD_Christian Roeck

“Night Flight 9“, 100x70cm, 2008

"Retina-LSD" - A Visual Journey - A Mental Odyssey

LSD opens a door into the unconscious or makes the mental imprint of seeing disappear, you see what you see, not only what you know. Vision is freed from all rules and is available without filters, restrictions and inhibitions. One can speak of liberated seeing - of "total seeing".

LSD öffnet eine Tür ins Unbewusste oder lässt die gedankliche Prägung des Sehen verschwinden, man sieht was man sieht, nicht nur das was man weiss. Das Sehen wird von allen Regeln befreit und steht ohne Filter, Restriktionen und Hemmungen zur Verfügung ("Befreites Sehen - Totales Sehen").

Robinson.Blvd.R-LSD_Christian Roeck

“Robinson.Blvd.R-LSD“, 60x60cm, 2003

Aqua.R-LSD_Christian Roeck

“Aqua.R-LSD“, 60x60cm, 2003

Luster.R-LSD_Christian Roeck

“Luster.R-LSD“, 60x60cm, 2003

LSD - 75th Anniversary

75th Annvrsry - LSD (Fictious Commercials), Videos HD, 2017

Private Nature

Videos to synchronize with nature.


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Works by Christian Roeck

Soundtrack "Nobody", HD-Video
by Hannes Strobl.
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